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Albany Berkshire Ballet is always so proud of all the dancers it has worked with, taught and nurtured over the years, and delights in all news of their careers and professional achievements all over the world of dance.  As we prepare for a grand celebration of the 50th anniversary of the performing company in August, we’ve had ample opportunity to reflect on some of the talents we have enjoyed over the years.

One of these has been Lee, Massachusetts native Dawn Caccamo. Caccamo attained all of her early training under Madeline Cantarella Culpo in the Cantarella School.

At age 15, she appeared as a soloist in Berkshire Ballet’s “Coppélia” on the stage of Jacob’s Pillow in the summer of 1978.

Caccamo appeared in other ABB productions of the late 70s, such as “Petrouchka” and “Nutcracker,” in Mary Giannone Talmi’s original “Graduation Ball,” and in Igor Youskevitch’s “Giselle.”

Following two full seasons as a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater II, she was hired by Robert Joffrey to dance with the Joffrey Ballet, where she continued as a major member of the company until 1988, when she departed to join Houston Ballet.

Many more photos from Dawn’s career can be viewed in the New York Public Library Digital Collections.

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