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Berkshires Beat: Albany Berkshire Ballet Receives Grant For ‘Rockwell in Our Time’

The Albany Berkshire Ballet has been awarded a project grant of $2,500 from the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Cultural Investment Portfolio for the continued development of the new work “Rockwell in Our Time” by choreographer Mary Giannone Talmi. Talmi is collaborating with playwright Kevin McGerigle and composer Christopher Culpo with additional choreography by Andres Ramirez and music by Ben Talmi. The ballet is a multidisciplinary work inspired by Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms” that moves forward and backward in time reflecting World War II America and our current national reality.

“The individuals that work together to produce a work of this magnitude are our greatest expense, but also our most critical resource. Our choreographer, dancers, rehearsal mistress, composer, musicians, playwright, costume designer, set designer, production crew, community participants, and administrators devote their time and talent to successfully creating and showcasing this collaboration,” said Madeline Culpo, artistic director and founder of Albany Berkshire Ballet. “Our next greatest expense is the physical production of the materials necessary to frame the movement and artistic vision. These elements include sets, costumes, sound, lighting, educational materials, printed programs, insurance, fire safety, and promotional materials.”

“Rockwell in Our Time” is an ambitious initiative that will require Albany Berkshire Ballet to leverage funding from multiple sources including private donations, corporate sponsors, and philanthropy. The Albany Berkshire Ballet has begun to raise funds from members and other supporters throughout the community. The funding will be used for the further development of this new work – its creation and premiere.

The Albany Berkshire Ballet is nationally recognized for its versatility in performing both classical and contemporary dance works. It will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2019.  It is highly acclaimed for its support of newly emerging artists while working with esteemed contemporary choreographers such as Phillip Jerry, Francis Patrelle, Gus Solomons Jr., Mary Giannone Talmi, Bill T. Jones, and Paula Weber.

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